Random Thought #1

This week Loveli Loni had its highest views since my launch week. When I see others reposting my link and sending me positive texts and comments, I reflect back to a week or two before I launched when only a couple of people knew it was happening. My first post was already written but I nervously changed it a millions times a day. A few days after Christmas I received a package that contained a black shirt with my logo printed on the front from my best friend (who I had been going back and forth with for years about how I desperately wanted to write). When I called to say thanks he reminded me that I was a good writer, yes, but more importantly I always put my voice, my most honest self, into everything I wrote, and because of that the readers would come.

I’m glad he was right.


One comment

  1. Elonnie. I’ve never replied to any of your blogs because I could never seem to get my feelings to connect with my thoughts, my thoughts with my feelings and my feelings into words. But after seeing your photo with your blog, three thoughts immediately came to mind.
    1. Your reflection in that window of you reflects your Mommy sooooo much, I cried.
    2. I am soooo moved by your transparency and honesty in your blog. You are so brave and courageous.
    3. I NEED A SWEATSHIRT!!!!! I will pay whatever the price.
    I love you Elon. Thank you for everything.

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